Places for Bali Cycling Tours with Challenging Terrain

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Bali cycling tours allows you to experience the beautiful island and its environment up close and personal. You can cycle through various terrains to go to various places that will give an even more immersive experience than you can imagine. For you who are up for a challenge you can even go to places with challenging trail that still have breathtaking views.

Places for Bali Cycling Tours with Challenging Terrain

Bali Bike Park

Let us start from the north part of Bali where you can find Bali bike park in the Pancasari Village. This park is very popular among bikers since it offers challenging trails with various obstacles.

You will find Jump line, endure line and downhill on the trails which will surely pump up your adrenaline. However, if you are beginners, you should not have to worry as there are many trails to choose from. Most of the trails are beginner friendly so bikers at any level can ride it.

Mount Batur

A lot of mountain cyclists that visit Bali love to go to Mount Batur because of the challenge it gives. It is the second tallest mountain in Bali which surrounded by various local village and other natural vistas suitable for Bali cycling tours.

Besides the paved road that suitable for beginner, you will also find off-road trails for more advance biker. Here you can ride on road with rough and uneven trails made from frozen lava. If you want beautiful sceneries you can go to the caldera lake then down to Ubud that offers various tourist spot.


Speaking of Ubud, this area is very famous among bikers in any level since you can find various trails that offers amazing landscape to explore. For those that want to ride with leisure you can go around the village through paved roads to visit galleries, temples and palace along the way.

But for those that want more challenge then go to the outskirts area of Ubud. You will find various hills with more exciting trails around the rice terrace and down to the jungles so you can enjoy the tropical nature.

Putung Village

Those that want to be surrounded by nature should go to the eastern area of Bali. This countryside offers beautiful landscape with rugged trail that will excite any bikers. You can go downhill toward various rice terraces, Balinese houses, and even peeking at the Indian Ocean. If you go to the coast then the Bali cycling tours trail will lead you to Perasi beach a hidden area with a long shoreline that crossing Karangasem hills.

Sanur Beach

On the beach you will find long and wide road that can be used for leisure cycling in Bali. After various challenging trails that we mention above, this place is surely the best place to end the journey with a more calming ride. You can even extend the cycling towards the adjacent beaches along the way for longer ride.

Those are some of the best places to go on Bali cycling tours that will provides you a more challenging trail. Go to so you can book the bike tour that suitable for your liking.